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I'm looking at a brake master cylinder from Rockautos. My Lexus dealer quotes a part number of 47201-50240, Rockautos list an identical looking part with a part number of 47201 -50230. In the experience of anyone who's imported parts from the USA, are these likely to be the same?

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3 minutes ago, BigBoomer said:

I think the 240 is for Right Hand Drive and the 230 is for LHD.
Probably not the same as fitted to different side of the car.

You're right I think, the US one is fitted on the opposite side so perhaps not compatible.

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You're right, my friendly Sheffield Lexus dealer confirmed this. the 230 is left hand drive. Only one brake pipe affected I think, but access is not easy, not sure if it's worth pursuing. I'm still hoping it's air in the system. I tried it again today and before starting the engine the pedal is firm. On starting the engine the pedal goes down quite a way, when driving it comes back up a bit and brakes just fine. I must sort it out though, it's very disconcerting, I'll be getting the car  over my pit next week and taking a good look.

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Just to confirm 230 is LHD only. I actually went ahead and bought the part off Rockauto by mistake back in Sep and its the reverse of the RHD part.



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Yes one to be careful of, I bought a couple of hydraulic hoses for the steering pump and then woke up in the morning and thought that's for a left hand drive, went to cancel but Rockauto in their efficiency had already shipped. I always check part no's but didn't that time!

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