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Will it last?

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Hi Guys,

My RX400H will be 13 years old in March 2021 and has 115K on the clock.  It will need some work done on the steering at next year's MOT as per the advisory notes on the last test.  I have renewed all the discs and pads in the last year and a bit and the car is regularly serviced and Hybrid checked (the timing belt and water pump were done at 101K).  I must say it still goes like a dream and is an absolute pleasure to drive.  

I am looking to install a tow bar and bike rack for 2 x E-Bikes as getting them on the roof rack is a major pain due to their weight, he height of the car and my advancing years.  My worry is that I spend the best part of £1,000 on said tow bar and rack and the car goes belly up.  Basically I am just looking for some kind of assurances from owners with similar cars to mine (age/mileage wise) and their experience of repair costs as the car gets on in years.  I know I only have 2 years or so left in the Hybrid guarantee and TBH if the car lasted for another 30 months I'd be delighted.

Just looking for some sound advice, as usual.


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I wouldn't worry it's a Lexus.

Keep on top of service items, and drive it. Do check the rear subframe underneath for rust/treat it.

Should do 200k +

I have an Auris Hybrid and Taxi driver seem to get 200,000 to 300,000 miles with original hybrid Battery and no major issues.

Your RX is low mileage really in the grand scheme of things.

I have a workhorse of a 1996 Volvo 940 petrol Automatic 2.3 litre and that's covered a mere 205,000 miles. I hope to keep it going, so far shows no sign of dying!


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Have you inspected the car underneath for rust which could be a big headache?  If the car has been properly serviced the engine should  be good particularly with new belt and pump.  You are aware of the steering problem and can get this costed if you have not yet done so.  There is always a risk of needing a new water and air con rads and some hoses which shouldn't be too expensive and possibly a silencer.  Some suspension parts might need replacing but hard to say when as will vary with way car has been driven and how good the roads were that it has traversed.  This really leaves the hybrid system and the Battery, the repair/replacement could be expensive but in need you were caught out the Battery could be rebuild.  This leaves the hybrid/gearbox system which in the unlikely event that it should fail in your time frame would be expensive installed even if you got a used one.  Of course, the older a car gets the more likely it is for something to go wrong or parts need to be replaced and it is a good idea to put an amount aside each year to cover this.  Parts can wear at a different rates with type of use so it's not possible to say with any accuracy when a component will need to be replaced.  Tyres are quite an expensive item but you should have some idea on whether replacement will be necessary. 

In short, it's a bit of a gamble but if there is no major decay, with the sort of mileage you are likely to add I think the odds are good that you could keep the car running and add the tow bar.  You should be able to recoup a sizeable part of the tow bar if you remove it before you sell the car.


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Hi Brian

I bought one of the first batch of retail RX400's imported into the UK in June 2005 and in July this year, I sold it to a very good friend having driven 186,000 miles in 15 years. Obviously the car was and still is in very good condition and going strong or else I would have part exchanged it.

In my ownership, other than tyres, discs and pads plus one rear slider replaced on a caliper, I replaced a radiator, although that could have been repaired, one headlight bulb, one sidelight bulb and earlier this year - two front wishbones. Some corrosion was starting to show in places underneath and I had a leak on the exhaust welded. I think I only had 3 discs/pads on the front and 2 on the back. Tyres aren't that bad if you shop around. Also, I never had to top up engine oil between services.

(17 Lexus stamps in the book although I have a V good independant to replace the above - I buy genuine Lexus parts and he fits them).

I am now on my second Lexus, a very nice RX450h Premier.

In my experience dont worry about milage, I am pretty confident my 400h could easily do another 50-100000. 


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I have recently bought a 2008 RX400 with a low mileage. I have faith in the reliability of these cars as the above posts confirm. 

Look at the worst case scenario and your options to change. £1,000 to keep a good car going is far cheaper than buying a replacement. Wear and tear items will be linked to mileage and age. With a Lexus you would be very unlucky to have lots of things go wrong one after another. 


You know your car, check for corrosion and treat if necessary. We all come to a point when we say, enough is enough, I need to change this vehicle. When that time comes is dependent on the individual. The longer you keep your car the more value you will get out of it. You can't really compare older Lexus cars with other makes, as they are far more reliable. I would not even consider buying a BMW, Mercedes or Audi of this age. Spend the £1,000 and I would be very surprised if  will not last another 30 months. You have already spent money on the larger wear and tear items - dics / pads / timing belt. You will have to spend a great deal more to replace your present car. 

Keep us all informed about what you decide but I would be keeping it and putting that tow bar on.  Good luck!

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Hi Guys,

Many thanks for the advice, I've booked the car in to have the tow bar fitted and bought the bike rack to fit on it.  BTW, if anyone out there is thinking of getting a bike rack you will do no wrong checking out BUZZ RACKS, their E-Scorpion 2 does everything the Thule Easyfold does at £200 cheaper!

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