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WITTER TOWBAR off my IS250 (06)

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Just been removed from my recently purchased SE-L. I have no use for a towbar and it appears that they are quite rare so it makes sense for it to go to someone who needs one.

It's a Witter ... (e11) 00-6384 ... detachable swan neck so includes cross bar, securing bolts, detachable swan neck (+ pull-string storage bag for when detached), removable weather cover, 'Witter' towball cover, 2x keys, 7-pin electrics (external only). Max towing capacity 1500kgs.

Visible areas (when fitted) have been sprayed '8R6' (blue) to match car, paint is flaking slightly.

NOTE : the internal electrics you will need to supply yourself ... what you see in the pic is what you get.

As I've received multiple interest from separate threads I think it's only fair for it to go to the highest bidder so please message me with what you consider to be a realistic offer and I suggest £100 as a starting point.

As it's a sort of auction the bidding needs a closing date so let's make it this Sunday 29/11 at 6pm at which point the highest bidder wins. I'll keep the thread upto date with the latest bid so if there's more than one interested you know where you all are.

Message me with bids. Hope this suits.

Incidentally, collection is preferred as it's heavy (now there's a surprise!) or we could meet somewhere convenient to both parties. At a stretch I could probably courier but at buyer's cost.


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In the light of the strong bid received yesterday and the fact that I do not wish anyone to be involved in unscrupulous last minute 'over-bidding' (like ebay) I'm considering closing the bidding early.

So I'm giving fair warning that if anyone wishes to register a higher bid can they please message me today (Saturday).

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The Forum Member whose bid of £200 was accepted on Sunday has now pulled out which I don't consider to be very friendly. 🙄

However, I suppose the upside is that the towbar and all the assembled parts (as pictured - including the two under brackets!) are now packed up and ready for transportation if it is of interest to anyone else on here. 🙂

OFFERS INVITED ... and experience obliges me to add ... NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE! 😉



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