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Can someone help me confirm a few things about a 2006

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Hey all, 

New member here and new to the UK as well so I'm not used to the difference between US and UK spec cars, I'm not terribly new to Toyota/Lexus though, I previously had a 2004 4runner, a 2015 corolla, and a 2015 Camry XLE. I recently picked up a 2006 IS250 SE-L and a few things have caught me off guard already like the lack of TPMS and sunglass holder so I've got a couple of questions about the features on the UK cars

1)   I've done a bunch of searching on this site and others but haven't been able to find a definitive answer as to whether or not a 2006 year should have auto-locking out of park or once in motion. Currently my car does not lock or unlock on it's own. I've tried putting it in "IG ON" and holding the lock/unlock for 5 seconds several times and got nothing. I have techstream and didn't see any option in there either. My 4runner in the states had these features but again I understand there are some firmware differences. I saw a few comments on threads here suggesting that they didn't put the auto-lock in until 2008 year cars so I just wanted to see if anyone here with a 2006 could confirm. 

2)   Should this year car beep when unlocking/locking with the remote? I see the option in techstream for "buzzer" when locking and unlocking, I turned it off and back on but I still get no beep. The hazards flash and all the doors unlock/lock so the car is acknowledging the signal. I know it has the equipment to beep because I get the long beep when I try to lock with the remote if I leave a door open. I also get the repeated beeping when I leave the car with the engine still running. 


Also, I'm not sure if it's ok to ask but does anyone have a source on a free (or at least reasonably cheap) map download for the GEN 5 nav? I don't care about the maps as much as I would like to have the "I AGREE" screen go away automatically and it sounds like any newer map dvd would provide this feature. 


Thanks again, I look forward to hanging around  here as I've already seen a bunch of very helpful threads. 

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Hi Benjamin and welcome to the UK and to the forum. I have a 2007 SE-L and my car doesn't have auto locking. What you said about holding the button down for 5 seconds I've not heard about. All I do is press the button after I've started my car. My car doesn't beep either when I lock or unlock my car but I do have keyless entry so I don't use the fob button. I'll get a beep if I've not say put it in park when I shut the engine. Gen 5 nav? On a 2006 SE-L ? Its not a map download but a CD which can be got from ebay but the latest edition is i believe 2010. My nav always comes up I Agree which I think is standard. 

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My mistake about the maps, I meant a download so that I could burn my own dvd. In my '06 the "I AGREE" page stays up until I click it whereas the newer version dvd should go away automatically after 5 seconds IIRC. 


The holding lock/unlock for 5 seconds I was referring to was to manually set the auto door lock preferences (out of park vs after a certain speed is reached). All the threads I could find of people verifying this were '08 models so I guess I can give up on that option


I checked the back of my owners manual and it does list audible feedback when locking with the remote as a customized setting and I verified it's enabled in tech stream. 



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I have got a ‘18 year genuine Lexus DVD SatNav disc in my 250 and still get the ‘I AGREE’ nag screen!

IIRC this was the last time ( 2017-2018) maps were produced on disc.

Available on eBay for less than £20



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The Auto locking could only be enabled on the ‘08 cars and onwards. Interestingly Lexus removed this feature again around the ‘14-‘15 year on cars such as the RX and GS. To my knowledge, there is no easy way of enabling the auto locking feature on pre ‘08 2IS models. 

The sunglasses holder was not available on the UK 2IS, as this is where the GPS is situated. 

TPMS was never fitted  on the UK 2IS. 

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On 11/26/2020 at 10:55 PM, SBC240Z said:

Does it stay on until you click the button or does it go away on its own after a few seconds?

Does not go away until you acknowledge the I AGREE button

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