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Hi all,

I am very new to this forum and actually not from the UK, but Denmark. As Lexus is not common at all in my country, I hope I am welcome on the forum anyway :-)

I will be picking up my 2016 GS F in late December, and wanted to prepare a bit with regards to where you shop your spare parts, like oil filter, brakes, other filters etc.

Additionally, I have seen illuminated door sills with Lexus badge on it - would anyone happen to know where I can purchase this (considering I can’t pick it up physically in a UK shop)? :-) 

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Welcome! I'm sure you'll be welcome by all on here!

I've been buying parts from the below:

I think they are active on this forum too. Very helpful and prices are good too. I have bought discs from Autodoc though, much cheaper than Lexus direct for the ISF, im unsure if that is the same situation with the GSF.

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You are welcome, there are many members from other countries.

Most of internet shops will deliver parts to Denmark as well (eurocarparts, carparts4less, As a matter of fact some of them are not even based in UK e.g. posted their parts to me from Germany and the box says that company is actually (registered in Germany). As such if you got to you will see it is the same site, just called differently - the underlying company is still German.

That said Lexus is very rare in UK as well (in whole Europe to be honest), from "European" countries the only one where Lexus is little recognised is Russia (if you call it European). As such Lexus parts are difficult to come by across EU. If you really need something unique to Lexus and not shared with Toyota (most parts are shared) then your only option is to order them from US e.g. - sometimes they are subject to import duties, sometimes not, but be sure to factor it in when ordering. Generally, ordering from US still works out the same as getting parts from EU, most often little bit cheaper if the part is small and especially if EU fails to apply duties. 

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