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Got a strange issue, wonder if someone has encountered this?


When I park the car and lock it, after about a minute both the puddle lights and the cab lights turn on for 5-10 seconds, this happens countinously, on and off for as long as you leave it.  I've checked all the doors and they are closed, the dash display clearly shows when any door is left open.


Only thing I can think of is water, I did hit a huge puddle earlier throwing water everywhere although it seemed fine right after and only seems to have started this evening.  I would of thought that any problems with water would be instant.


I'm really confused here and would appreciate any help



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Nothing at all... I just took it for a drive to get it up to temperature, when I parked up I watched for 5 minutes and it doesn't seem to be happening any more.  I'm going to check it every 30 mins or so... Very curious as to what could have caused this!

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If i approach my car with the keys in my pocket then these lights come on. It senses that i am near even though i do not open the door.

Are you checking this with your keys on your person?

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