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1994 Soarer Rear Fog

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Hey everyone!

It's been quite a few years since I've been on this forum. I used to own an IS200 which I adored. It was a manual though so the lack of cruise control wasn't ideal. 

Anyway.. I picked up a 1994 Toyota Soarer V8 yesterday from an old boy I'm friends with. It has been sitting for a year or so and the MOT expired. I had to book it in for one so to keep it legit on my drive home. The fact that it didn't have a rear fog light came up. 

Bit strange really as it's never been an issue for the last 10+ years that its been in the country. Did they have rear fog lights when new?

The only OEM switch I can find is for the front fogs. 


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Hey Connoor,

My 95 TT required a rear fog light conversion (carried out by JEM).  In other words it did not have a rear fog light. The JEM conversion was tidy, I think they used the existing light cluster so there was no additional light and they found some switch that was already present in the car but unused so that became the rear fog switch.

Hope that helps.



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