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Hi.  I have a 2006 LEXUS LS430.  While driving back from the supermarket two weeks ago, the NSR door opened a fraction and, as I rounded a corner, it flew open.  Bit hair-raising to say the least.  It seems the actuator has failed and despite locking it and applying the child lock, it still opens.

I've found a part - used, which should be around this week.  Lexus Swindon originally quoted me £238.00.  Used part was lost in transit (Hermes) so I went back to Swindon.  Miraculously, the price had risen to £840.00.  Not impressed.

If you have one of these cars, it is possible you will suffer the same issue.  It's a serious problem; dogs, passengers, parcels might have been ejected.

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Hi Rob,

Are you sure that the door handle mechanism (mechanical) hasn't failed?
The actuator is ONLY for the locking, not for the door handles, inside or out.

If the mechanical aspect works, as in the door shuts and latches, then it's just the replacement actuator you need.
Try ordering another one from eBay? Plenty on there.

The 2nd price from Lexus is probably including fitting.
This is a low volume V8 luxury car. You can't expect Ford Fiesta parts prices from the dealer. 🙂

Good luck :thumbup:


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The actuator only operates the locks so it’s difficult to understand how the door opened by itself which is purely mechanical in operation with rods/cables connecting the interior and exterior door handles.

Price is as shown for the actuator, if you have some DIY skills you can replace just the motor inside it for a few pounds or look for a breaker not delivered by Hermes.



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