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I don't believe IS was available in UK with black F-sport wheels from factory, certainly no wheel options is available in UK brochure:

I am not sure but US IS350 F-Sport may had an option for black wheels at some point, that option is no longer available ...  

That said they are often refurbished to black finish (simply because that is cheapest option), but as far as I am aware all IS mk3 F-sport wheels in UK were in sort of gun "metal grey" colour, some call it "phantom grey" as well. You picture is from US and even then I am not convinced that they came that way from factory, or seller just claims they are new because they have been just refurbished.

What muddles the water further is that there is no colour code for these wheels, so you will find all shades of grey (and some black) on the market - basically if they been refurbished they almost never match original colour...  like here:

or here:

Finally, because the colour itself shifts (original finish is multi-layer) - black base and grey metal flakes suspended in clear coat, these wheels can look black under certain conditions:

Either way even "gun metal" ones rarely comes for sale already, so getting some special edition wheels which may not have been sold in UK will likely be impossible. Your best bet is to get at least standard F-sport wheels and then refurbish them in black colour (that is certainly the cheapest way)

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From the description is sounds like a set... but I don't know could be...


These are extremely rare to come up for sale, two tyres are good and the other two need changing

Got quoted 40 per wheel to have refurbed and these wheels in perfect condition sell for 800-1000 a set.

I doubt he would describe condition of all 4 and then say that perfect set costs £1000, but try to sell each wheel for £480.

Actually, quite fair description as well as indeed they do sell for ~£1000 when in good condition, just perhaps a bit low on refurb price - I would say more like £80 per wheel if you want them to be done decently.

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