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Hello all,

Does anyone know if the wheel bearing hub retaining bolts are a standard 17mm across the whole lexus range or are they specific to the is250 ?

Thank you in advance.

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I'd expect they are standard across many Lexus and Toyota  vehicles... if you know the part number, you can do a search on the various Lexus/Toyota part sites .. or just ask the dealers (who will do the same)

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Looking at the following site, I suspect your part number is 90119-12358

looks like it's used on all sorts of Toyota's and Lexus... usually parts cheaper if you source the Toyota brand name

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So, I have installed the the new hub/bearing back in December and am now in the process of getting a replacement as the "new" part is starting to fail.

The supplier I purchased it from is happy to replace it but I am now thinking "do the hubs fit on both offside front and nearside front" ?

The reason is, both (offside and nearside) front hubs from lexus have two different part numbers.

Are these hubs directional ?

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