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HI Guys

I understand this a problem to some extent on some models and I have experienced it on my 430 in the past on occasions.

However recently my car has started doing it alot (since the cold spell) - I now get it whenever I take a left or right turn

Before I used to get it on a full lock

The tyres are dunlop sp sport maxx with plenty of tread

Is there any other explanation for this ?

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I replaced my Dunlops even though they had a lot of tread still.  They gave a hard ride and the carcass too stiff amongst other drawbacks.  The Michelin Cross Climates have proved so much better on my car but that's an suv so can't advise on your car but doubtless others can and I also expect colder weather playing a part. 

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I think the dunlops were purchased by previous owner because they were a quite tyre ( I have also considered them in the past)

But I am disappointed that a leading brand tyre does this in cold weather

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This is all to do with the suspension/steering geometry and wide low profile tyres of a type used 'out of season'.

My RC does this on full lock but only in the colder months as the tyres are really summer spec. Mercedes had a real issue with the same problem on it's 'all-wheel drive' models. They 'cured' it by offering winter tyres to customers who complain about the crabbing ..

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