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Lexus Link - crashed

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2 hours ago, Habu said:

My LL account will no log on and crashes at 65% of logging on.  Is anybody else experiencing this?



^^ Just tried it and its working fine for me (using iPad and Safari as browser).

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Got it working again but dealer is saying MY20 RX is incompatible with LL at the moment so I’ve only got basic service.  MY20 RX has been out a little over 12 months and it’s still not working properly with LL.

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30 minutes ago, DRU2C said:

Hi Habu, I also have this problem with my LL, how did you fix it?

I basically deleted the account (not just the app on the phone) and started over again using the same account name and password.  I still only have a very basic service which is a waste of time so I’ve now deleted it until Lexus has a fix for the RX.

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Thanks for the information, my LL now appears to work as well as it ever did. I do hope you get your ongoing issues resolved reasonably quickly.


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