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CT200 standing

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Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice.
My father is long term sick and has been in hospital for over 6 weeks now and will not be coming out until the new year.

Therefore his CT is stood unused for nearly 2 months.
Should I turn it over, let it idle for a while just make sure the Battery and batteries don’t go flat?

Or, any other basic maintenance that should be carried out to keep the car in good shape while not in use?

Any advice would be appreciated. 

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Mine is a low usage vehicle the only real issue is keeping the Battery charged.

The best way I have found is getting a C-Tek smart charger and comfort lead.

I permanently hooked up the lead to the Battery and leave it loose in the boot. Just plug in, on an as needed basis. Can check voltage on pins if required.


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Battery stuff is already covered above. If it is parked on a level surface leave the parking brake off, transmission in P will lock it in place anyway so no one can wheel it away. Wash off any bird muck ASAP. If you can take it for a drive every other week, failing that at least move it a bit so the tyres get rotated if it is going to be sitting for weeks. Before starting it check under the bonnet that it has oil and no furry creatures have taken up residence. 

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