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HUD display C100 OBD2 is working with IS300h

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Few months ago in another theme I mentioned that want to try a HUD display as I'm missing digital speedometer in my Lexus IS300h Luxury edition pretty much. Specifications and also seller told me that it might not work with the hybrid and electric cars. Anyway, I decided to pull a trigger and I bought this HUD device as it was not expensive and I also saw online that the same model works perfectly well with normal IS300 (non-hybrid) car.

I ordered on Aliexpress in August and first package did not came to me from China as it was bouncing for 2 months in Beijing airport and at the end it was returned back to the seller. I ordered again in November and today item arrived. I plugged the OBD2 connector into the OBD2 slot in the car, started the car and HUD is working from the first. The only thing that I changed in the settings is that device turns itself off after 180s instead of 20s. HUD turns off for a millisecond when the car switches from normal motor to electric mode and 180s is in my opinion more than enough that it does not comes to that anymore. This is also recommended in the manual of the device for a hybrid-electric or start-stop systems.

I like its minimalistic look as for me showing the speed is the only thing I need. Another good thing is that you are able to calibrate the speedometer so that it really shows very occurate speed while driving. Also visibility of the speed is very good and hud is adapting brightness automatically. Also hiding of a wire that goes from OBD2 to the Hud device I mostly hidden without any problem.

Best regards, D.


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as requested. Here are two pics. It is day and visibility is superb. Durring the night or when in the tunnel the device dims itself.


What is very good is that you can calibrate HUD device to the actual real speed you are driving. For the reference I used my GPS Sygic which I have on my Samsung mobile phone. I recognized that my Lexus is showing speed about 8km/h wrong when driving 100km/h. I need to Drive 108km/h that I achieve real 100km/h, I'm quite surprise for such big tolerance as my previous Peugeout were almost totally correct in showing my speed. Would like to hear any comments in regards to that.

Anyway now I calibrated my C100 HUD and it is showing the same real speed as it is on GPS.

best wishes, Davor.



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when you have a new set of tyres on your car the speedo will appear to under read

as your tyres are nearing their minimum tyre tread depth they will indicated a faster speed

a new tyre will travel further on one rotation of the tyre hence under reading on the speedo

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Hiya there 200h,

I changed from summer 18" tyres (2 years old) to new 17" winter tyres recently. I did not observed any radical change or correction of how Lexus is showing the speed. Tolerance is quite big I would say. I need to drive 108-109km/h (Lexus analog speedometer) that I reach actual speed of 100km/h - according to GPS. With this HUD I calibrated it so that it shows actual real speed when driving which is at least more convenient for me.

best, d.


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speedometers are allowed to over read by 10%

the difference between a new tyre and a worn out tyre

can be around 10.8mm on the diameter 

i.e. 7mm of tread new to 1.6mm of tread worn out = 5.4mm on the radius so 10.8 on the diameter

this will make the speedometer more accurate when the tyres are close to being worn out.

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