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Is/Altezza with not electrical power at all

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Good day guys, so Im new here, and at this point I dont know what else to do, I was moving the Battery to the engine compartment in my 3SGE swapped altezza, and I was just untangling the spaghetti wiring that the previous owner had, so I connected the Battery negative terminal to the ground on the chasis of the car, and the starter/fusebox to the positive as it previously had it, the car started but it died, I turned off the ignition and turned it back on but I no longer had any power to the car, with some googling mastery I looked up what to do, so I was looking for any short in the circuit, so far all the fuses are working properly in the engine bay, passenger side fusebox and driver side fusebox, the ignition is getting voltage as Im testing the current and I see 12v on all the right places (fuse box, ECU, ignition switch, starter), there doesnt seem to be a draw in voltage on the Battery post, and so far I also know that the Battery is working since it turned on the car before going cold, any clues, help tips, what relay to check, Im all about getting help, I can also provide pictures if needed be, thank you in advance for your time 

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