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IS220d fumes in passenger cabin

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By way of background I have a 2007 IS220d with 180,000 miles which I've had for 11 years and which refuses to give up.  That said, recently I've been getting fumes entering the passenger compartment - mainly just when stopped in traffic.

I kinda thought it was an injector seal because I've already done two of these however on having a look this evening it's not a seal.  So I've taken a video which I've attached and any thoughts very welcome.  Worth saying I can't see anything from below the car when it's on the ramp.

Video attached below.

Thanks in advance, Scott

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I am not a DERV owner or profess to be knowledgeable on them But isn’t there a ‘5th’ injector on the 220 somewhere down the back that can fail and produce copious amounts of exhaust smoke? Therefore if it is a injector then I guess it can leak externally also! Like I said I am not an expert on Diesels but standby for more learned responses.

paul m.

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