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Suspension rebuild

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Hi there,


New to the forum and looking for some advice. Am going to drop the front and rear suspension on my SC over the winter and refurbish it. Looks like the only option for bushes is non genuine. Can somebody give me a steer as to the best place to go for these parts please

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  • 2 weeks later..., based in Japan, sell genuine parts at a lower cost than our main dealers. Apparently they work out cheaper even after allowing for shipping, duty and VAT, although I have not used them myself.

Another option is in the US, who also sell aftermarket parts. The same caveat about import costs also apply though.

Assuming the rear suspension is not dissimilar to the saloons it might be possible to source bushes only for some components, whereas Lexus only sell complete assemblies. It probably depends on whether or not you want to stick with Lexus sourced parts.

Finding a reliable alternative source of parts in the UK is difficult, unlike BMW and Mercedes-Benz, for example.

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Try and  Both specialise in original or OEM parts. Megazip have a big warehouse in UAE and in other parts of the world for quick shipping.

With the VIN number of the car and the car model, this information is on the vehicle's identification tag found on the passenger centre pillar, you will find in their website, the manufacturer's drawings with the original part number of the parts you need. 


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Or you could try Febest:

They list a number of suspension components, but appear to only supply to dealers, so a bit of research will be required.

PS: There are 4 UK dealers shown towards the bottom of the home page.

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