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2015 Lexus gs350 fsport front brake squeaking

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I have a 2015 Lexus gs350 f-sport and replaced aftermarket front rotors and pads.  However, the brake started squeaking very loud from 15 mph to vehicle stop.  I stopped by Lexus dealership for advice and they told me to replace it with Lexus pads.  I then bought them and installed on the same day but it still did not stop the squeak.  This is kind a ***** me off that Lexus again offered me an anti-squeak pads but still did not eliminate squeaking until today.  So far, I have bough 3 different brands of rotors, 4 different types of pads included ceramic, semi metallic, regular Lexus pads, and anti-squeak Lexus pads.  Lexus dealership now asks me to bring my car in for them to replace with Lexus rotors for $800.  I have filled a complaints to Lexus Head Quarter but they said that my car is not covered under warranty.  I hope that someone here can help or have an idea how to stop this embarrassing noise.  Thanks very much

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Thouroughly clean the calipers where the springs fit, the springs,  the metal frame of the brakes and the antisqueal pads. Separate each pair on each brake pad and clean them too. If the rear brakes have a single piston, remove and clean the slide pin too. Reassemble using copper grease on the springs, brake pads, antisqueal pads between them and the brake pad. In the slide pin, use silicon grease. Make certain that copper grease never contacts any rubber parts ( piston dust seals, sliding pin dust seals etc) because it will cause them to swell.

Replacement rotors usually are not machined to a perfect finish, thereby causing a slight vibration felt at the brake petal when braking lightly but disappearing when braking heavierly. This will disappear as they wear due to braking. This vibration may also contribute to some squealing. This is temporary too.


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Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, this appears to be quite a common trait with these cars.

I have been struggling with it myself and am yet to find a definitive answer.  Mine is even worse though and will be squealing away on the motorway as I am driving and pressing the brakes makes it go away briefly!  Annoyingly, the only solution I have come up with so far is the turn the radio up!

I don't recommend you change the discs as I don't believe they will solve the problem.

This may sound silly, but have you tried do a few hard emergency stops?  I have been told it can help.

Let us know how you get on.

PS I am curious what the GS350 is like since this isn't a model we get here in the UK?

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