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Lexus IS250 2007 not turning on. Grinding noise.

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Hi, I have a Lexus IS 250 AWD 2007 with 271000km Automatic. I drove the car 2 days ago everything was fine. I went and turned the car on then put the car on reverse. When the car was on reverse and rolling down my driveway, I heard some grinding noise for couple of second and than when I tried to put the car in Drive. 1st the odometer sensor didn’t recognize that the gear was in drive in and also when I accelerate the RPM goes up but the car doesn’t take speed. After I tried to put the car back in Park. When I tried to shift the gear it was hard and I needed to force it a bit like if something was blocking it. After that I tried to turn off the car and turn it back on. When I turned off the car off , and tried to turn it back on it wasn’t working anymore. When pressing on the engine start button the Battery lights comes on. I tried to boost it with another car but the car wasn’t turning on. I pushed the car in my driveway but the parking gear doesn’t engage so I needed to put some piece of wood behind the wheels. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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Welcome Fasieh,

When you say the car doesn't turn on, do you mean the engine won't turn over at all or that is spins but won't start?

Either way, it doesn't sound good I'm afraid since it looks likely that there is something wrong with the gearbox.

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No the car doesn’t turn on at all. I can put it on “on” to check the KM or run a OBD scan but the car but turn on completely. I ran a OBD scan today here is the results 


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Sorry Fasieh, I am still a little confused - Does the engine spin when you are trying to start it?

If not, and you have enough Battery power, then the only other things to check is the starter motor.

Also, if you press the little black button next to the gear stick, can you move it between Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, etc...?

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