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'CAT lock'

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Dear all, Compliments of the season!

My CT was in for it's first MoT and health check with Lexus today and all was well.
What they did suggest was to think about having a 'Cat lock' fitted for which they would charge £250. I was interested to know if others have had this done or think it worthwhile as a precaution against the theft of the catalytic convertor.
I imagine the theft would require the CT to be raised as it sits so low to the ground anyway making it more bother to target?
Any thoughts
best Neal
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It takes less than 3 mins to remove one from a Ct200h, one trolley jacks the car up while another cuts the cat off with a reciprocal saw, jack out and gone. Google the video's 

Fitting the Lexus Catloc should delay that by 30mins or so even if they have the extra tools required with them. Lexus supply window stickers that will also aid putting them off and send them looking for an easier target.

The bigger issues are 1/ the cat replacement cost, 2/ the increased insurance premium after claim and 3/ the long wait to get a replacement owing to short supply levels because of the increased demand now.

Hybrids are favourites because they have cleaner systems due to hybrid assist. I had mine fitted a couple of months ago it doesn't make it 100% safe but I have not heard one report yet of a Lexus fitted catlock car having the cat stolen.


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There was recently a spate of CAT thefts in my local area, from a variety of vehicles, not just Lexus. People were saying the replacements were £2k+ and often taking months to get the replacement parts, given CV-19 and Brexit. 


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4 hours ago, -Rich- said:

same thing isn't it? I don't think there has been a major change to the design, unlike the RX400h one.

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Hi all I would like to get catalog fitted to my ct 200h. I live in nw london any garages near me , appreciate your help . Thanks Mr Shah

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Hi Surendra, I'm to the North of London and use Lexus Woodford - not had mine fitted yet but intend to use them. I guess to the NW of London Lexus Edgware might be your nearest.

Good luck


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