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Nx300h 2015 navigation update

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Hi, I'm new in here so first welcome.

I bought a NX300h not long ago, that's a 2015 plate, would like to update my maps, I tried to do it through a Lexus site but didn't work, can you help me to sort this out?

thank you



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56 minutes ago, pobrown said:

This would be a paid update.

I know a few people on this site have used this site in the past.  Not sure how 'official' it is but it appears to work:

I updated my 2015 nx through them. I couldn’t manage to download the software needed myself but after asking them for help (and I’m usually fine with techie stuff) a usb arrived by post. It had the software on it. I then paid the fee asked for through PayPal and entered the code they emailed me into the infotainment system when prompted (having slotted in the usb and gone through the menu). It took an hour to update and I had to sit and wait for that to complete while the engine was running (haven’t got a drive etc).
Seems overall to have worked, in that local roads not previously updated on the original are now there as they should be (M1, Jct24). One problem I’ve found is that the speed limit on another local road is completely what I paid for I expect...


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As per the link provided by pobrown.   This is the best source for your update without doubt.  they are very helpful.

The update provide by Lexus is way too expensive.  I have contacted them several times asking them to do something about their prices and although they say they will 'refer it up', nothing ever happens.

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The spec in my NX is the Premium Navigation, I don't know what the differences are between the two?

So would this version work on a Premium Nav?

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I've just updated my maps today, as of the moment I'm really pleased, but with the lockdown I'm unable to put it to the test.

As I'm running the premium navigation and some of you other premium users might want to consider this option the link is below.


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