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In IS mk2, you cant have it... well via any reasonable means. You can obviously get 2-DIN full replacement system which supports it, but Lexus does not exactly have standard DIN fitment. I do not actually use apple carplay, as I am more of android guy (android auto). But for cars which supports it it is great - you get google maps navigation (yes even apple uses it) and full phone integration - basically your car infotainment screen becomes sort of phone screen, just with focus on features which are more important in car. Different style menu which is easier to read whilst driving etc. 

But either way this tech is not really for mk2 and even on mk 3 is very difficult to get it working.

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Yeah... that is what I mean by saying " no reasonable means" - £600+ (including shipping and customs) for what will be very compromised experience on original mk2 system.

In such case I would rather fit something like that

Obviously, it has no apple carplay and probably not even android auto, but it has built in android systems which would provide about the same experience as you would get from them. Adding grom to original system in my opinion would be waste of money.


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I am sure one of these options should work:

They certainly made versions for both ML/non-ML and no SatNav at all. I think the difference is the loom itself, so these should be adaptors which should allow fitting this to each version of the car. Obviously, best way to know is to reach out to seller and see.  

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I use the VLine 2 system in my car (ML with sat nav). It means I can use wireless apple Car Play (works perfectly) and Android wired Car Play (works 90% of the time with the odd connection issue)

Expensive option... Sure, although it works perfectly and adds many other functions to the standard (rubbish) factory system.

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3 hours ago, Mr Vlad said:

90% of the time with Android Play? That's an improvement from what I read some time ago. 

Yep, just the odd occasion (once a week maybe) where I connect the phone and the unit says it's connected although nothing is displayed..  a simple unplug and try again always fixes it so it's not a deal breaker

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I’ve spent a lot of time looking into this, I’ve recently acquired an F Sport 2010 IS250 and I believe 2010 IS250s with iPod / Iphone playback the only viable option is the GROM VLINE 2. Ive actually just ordered this tonight so can let you all know my experiences when fitted. This applies to NAV cars only NON-NAVI vehicles can support any android unit I believe.

 For any car 2005 to 2009 with NAVI or any non-NAVI there are several android units that can replace either the top portion or the IS infotainment or the entire thing with a Tesla style unit. With android, you’ll have the ability to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto by use of a third party app and they work extremely well even integrating into steering wheel controls and wireless Carplay working also.

 They’ll replace the entire system and still provide functions for climate control and car functions either via buttons or built into the OS but you do have a considerable drop in sound quality due to cheap chinese DAC’s but DSP’s may remedy this.

I’ll provide a few links to give you guys an idea, there are a few videos of guys who have installed these units also!


£317.82  48% Off | TEYES CC3 For Lexus IS250 XE20 2005 - 2013 Car Radio Multimedia Video Player Navigation stereo GPS Android 10 No 2din 2 din dvd

£179.46  17% Off | Xdcradio 10.4" Android 9.0 For Lexus IS IS250 IS300 IS350 Car Radio Car Multimedia Player Auto GPS Navigation Stereo 2005-2011

£207.00  25% Off | Car Radio Android 10.0 10.1'' DVD Player For Lexus IS250 IS300 IS200 IS220 IS350 2005-2012 Stereo 2 Din Head Unit GPS Navigation

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