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RC200t F Sport front brake rotors

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Does anyone know part number of OEM or any aftermarket front brake discs on F Sport RC200t? they are not 334mm as everywhere in the shops, just measured them roughly 360mm, found that F sport had upgraded front rotors of 357mm. Where to get them in UK? anyone 🙂



The Lexus RC Luxury and Sports Luxury variants had 334 mm by 30 mm ventilated front brake discs with four-piston calipers and 310 mm by 18 mm ventilated rear discs with single piston calipers. The RC F Sport, however, had 357 mm by 30 mm two-piece front discs, unique high friction brake pads and servo booster tuning for increased braking power.

Screenshot 2020-12-25 at 17.10.51.png

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The above is incorrect. First of all there were no RC200t Luxury (at least in UK) - only F-Sport and Premier, both are mechanically identical. RC300h has smaller brakes, RC200t and IS350 shares bigger brakes (sadly not the engine).

That said you are correct - it seems that sellers in UK are trying to sell you RC300h discs.

The part number for correct disc seems to be 43516-30061 for left and 43512-30371 for right disc. This part is shared with GS450h, so perhaps looking for GS450h discs will be easier as it is more common car than RC200t... Although, be careful because I am still getting 296mm results when looking for GS discs


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