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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and just bought a 2006 Lexus IS250 recently. Got some issue just now and hope if anyone can give me some advice. After I drove it for half an hour, the climate control became uncontrolled. It automatically switched on the A/C then the rear heat fan. Even when I press the off button, the a/c will start again. I tried to stop and restart the engine and this still happened. Just wondering if anyone experienced this before?

I looked at the forum and found most of the people have their headunit unresponsive but not like the video shown. 

Many thanks!

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Hi Wazza. Thats some issue with your head unit. I've not seen or heard of such issue but other ones. Try disconnecting the Battery for 30 seconds then reconnect. That seems to work for quite a few issues. This should reboot the head unit. If the issue occurs after that then I don't know what. 

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Ahhhh then thats probably the problem. As Marleez stated. I bet you spray your cleaner directly onto the surface you're cleaning. You've probably got cleaning stuff in the switch mechanism. Try spraying with an electrical cleaning spray to hopefully clean the switch. To clean things spray the cleaner onto the cloth then wipe.

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Share on other sites make sure screen is absolutely clean using a damp soft cloth and don’t press too hard onto it.

The thing that makes me think it is an ‘Electrical’ problem is if you watch the above video check the fluttering on & off of the leds for the heated mirrors etc! What’s that all about if it was just a sticky display switch?

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