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BLO Air-S Hand held Car dryer from IODETAIL

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Well as mentioned before here's a "review" on the above car dryer.

Firstly, as a few other members have mentioned before, IODETAIL service was very good! From the speed of ordering online to payment and then delivery, all processes were great and effortless. Got regular updates along the way and a lovely thank you email from Victoria at IODETAIL.

I was eager to get this out of the box so earlier this morning gave it a go! With the weather still not the best here in Birmingham, as it was going to be dry today but only about 2-3 degrees centigrade I opted for just a quick contactless wash and dry. Snow-foamed the car with some Autoglym Polar Blast and let dwell for around ten minutes than based away with the pressure washer. 

The dryer is well packaged, good construction, easy to setup and comes with 3 different shaped nozzles. Its not too heavy to use to be fair - I'd say only slightly heavier than a normal hairdryer (based on looking at the wife's one)!!! 🤣 It was very easy to use and was well impressed with how the water beaded off and flowed away. It has two power settings and I had it on the highest especially with the cold air weather right now. Warm air came out and I could see the water drying off in front of me. I've read online folk saying you can't do a whole car with a held held dryer. I would say you can! I can certainly do a CT with mine!!! Its not a quick way to dry your beloved motor thats true, but for a way that limits contact with the paint as much as possible it's a worthwhile addition to your home detailing gear. Mine has been ceramic coated with Gtechniq C1 and EXO and I'd say if you have some LSP on your paint thats hydrophobic it will help. £94.99 from IODETAIL seems a fair price too.

Looking forward to using them again when I start getting some Bilt Hamber auto form and auto wash shampoo sometime next year. Just need to finish off my current Halfords shampoo and the Polar Blast, before converting to the legendary Bilt Hamber!

Never done a product review before so hope this is useful to fellow Lexus owners! 🤞🏽👍🏽



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2 hours ago, rob_clio172 said:

Good write up, thanks. Glad its a good bit of kit, i may invest in 1 soon. Is it pretty loud?

I'd say it is no louder than a vacuum cleaner on a high power setting. Although I have read some comment on the loudness, I thought it wasn't too bad.

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