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Hey all,

Recently I had to change the Battery in my 1996 LS400 because the old one had gone kaput from years of use and being left. After putting the new Battery in, the key fob doesnt seem to work anymore, nor does anything happen when i open the door, the steering column doesnt automatically get out of the way nor does anything turn on, only when i put the key in the ignition and then turn it to the on position does anything happen. However the car still turns over and starts, i've so far checked all of the smaller fuses in the engine bay, all of which were fine, and disconnected the Battery from both terminals and reconnected with no luck.

Any thoughts or solutions on how to remedy this? 

Best regards

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An off the hoof sounds as though you followed the new Battery installation procedure...or I don’t think the car would start. But the car has to recognise the fob.

My later motor (year 2000) requires ignition on and left for 2 minutes then off and then restart. So fob and system can sync. Settings ought to be retained. If in doubt reset everything and just for your own sanity put new batteries into the key fob itself.

It’s well worth getting the owners’ handbook if you don’t have one.


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1 hour ago, Tinonline said:

it sounds as though you followed the new battery installation procedure

Anything special/ different for the LS? About to replace mine after the mechanical gremlins are hopefully all done!

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Also the steering does not move because the previous memory set has been lost - you need to reset the position and save it in the memory.

You might also notice you have lost your saved radio stations.

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