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Battery charging - time to charge up ?

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I got dash cam hard wired into the Battery and it records even when the car ignition is off, now recently the dash cam says 'shutting down' to preserve Battery power or something, does that mean is time to recharge the car Battery ? The car starts fine everytime with no issues etc...although for many months I used the car less due to working at home though.


Thanks !

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Sounds like the dash cam has voltage detection which shuts down if it gets to a certain threshold so I'd say yes definitely worth charging the Battery to see if it stops doing it. If it is the case it's a nice way to get an early warning of a low Battery.

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Sounds like what my Thinkware branded one blurts out, word for word. If it is the same, there's a voltage threshold in the camera settings (configured by mobile app or on a PC).

I find the camera says this a lot sooner if I've had the door open for a little while (various lights come on) or some other aspect of the car on. I've never found it necessary to immediately charge the Battery (car still starts fine).

However, in this cold temperature and with it drawing power from the Battery even when off, it's worth trickle charging to keep it topped up. These hybrids don't have big batteries.

Another option on Thinkware is an option regarding a time limit for parking mode recording. Even if the Battery voltage is healthy, it'll turn off after 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours, and you can choose that.

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Thanks all !

Didn't take long to charge up, not checked yet to see if the dash cam will go to power saving mode and yep one of the occasions was when I had the door opened for period of time like when cleaning the interior, tbh on mine that is a ThinkWare brand I haven't played round with option of limiting to say turn off after 4, 8 hours etc

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