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Happy new year!

Have problems with our leather sofa. It looks like the surface is coming off . I’ve tried various dyes and colourants but they just end up rubbing off. Does anyone on here know how I can repair this or recommend suitable products?

Thanks for any help. 

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I purchased a leather repair kit from Furniture Clinic to both repair and recolour my LS400 front seats. 

They will colour match the colourant if you can supply a small sample and sell a complete kit to clean, re- seal, repair and recolour.

I’m no expert but the seats are certainly looking better.



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Thanks, I give that a go. It seems that the preparation before applying the dye and the application of protection afterwards is the key. 

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These guys are very good too.

I'm just in the process of adding some fresh dye to the SC430 ivory leather. It does need to be thoroughly cleaned first and then the dye can be applied with a sponge. Spraying it on in light even coats would be better. There are a few you tube videos that show how repairs can be done too.

Concentrating effort to get a smooth even coat on one panel at a time works best for me but the dye is quite easy to apply. Treat it like paint, build it up with several thin layers to get a good consistent even cover.


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