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I'm looking to purchase an RC300h F-Sport 2016 in the next few weeks and I've got a question about the adaptive cruise control.  How can I tell if the RC has standard or adaptive cruise control?  Is it the distance button?  The one I'm currently looking at has just the lane departure alert button (Picture attached)

Seems strange they left out adaptive cruise control considering it's available on loads of other models

Thanks in advance!


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The absence of the distance-set button next to the lane-change alert button means that ACC is not present.  I believe the U.K. was the only European

market where ACC was not standard on the F-Sport version of the 2016 RC300h.   

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11 hours ago, HM48 said:

 How can I tell if the RC has standard or adaptive cruise control?

Very simply. 2016 RC F-Sport - never had ACC. It was not an option you could choose on the car.

You have only 2 options - find 2018+ F-sport with ACC, which is standard with LSS+, or get 2016 Premier (but then you lose F-Sport dials). Or third option - RC-F. Either way, before 2018 when LSS+ became standard, ACC was extremely rare feature.

2 hours ago, Rabbers said:

ACC was not standard 

It was not available at all (meaning you could not order RC with one even if you wanted), which is quite bizarre frankly. As well 2016 RC does not have for whatever reason BSM, but has lane-warning, but without lane-keeping assist. 

Not sure if it is similar in other markets, but in UK the spec. was this strange mix of features and limitations.

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My 2016 RC F-Sport had both ACC and BSM as standard, but not Lane Assist.  The car was Italian spec, similar, to my knowledge, to that of F, E, CH and therefore, I would strongly surmise, common to the rest of Continental Europe.  My guess is that the U.K. anomaly (if considered so) may have something to do with production runs of LHD units, but my curiosity frankly does not extend to researching whether the 2016 RC F-Sport specs for AUS, ZA, NZ etc., etc., as well as for Japan itself, replicate each other.  

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Ok that's a shame but I guess I'll have to survive without it.  Thank you both 🙂

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1 hour ago, Rabbers said:

My 2016 RC F-Sport had both ACC and BSM as standard, but not Lane Assist.

I am jealous... because my car has all options available on UK model, but it obviously does not have BSM, nor ACC.

Yes I tend to believe BSM and ACC comes together, because UK spec. Premier has BSM. Lane Assist probably only available with LSS+ so Lexus kind of left themselves some space to offer some additional features with face-lift.

I still find it strange that Lexus allowed to choose ACC as an option in Premier, but not on F-Sport. This only becomes stranger considering you could have it as an option in Continental Europe. Like why would they limit their own sales?

Is surprisingly difficult to find past brochures, especially for each individual market. As far as I can tell AUS brochure mentions ACC as an option available, but there are no feature list to confirm on brochure whenever it is exclusive to nay trim like in UK (p16 2016). Perhaps it is not exclusive, considering Australia had RC350 RWD and AWD and RC300 RWD and AWD. Then they had like 6 different wheel options (p8 2015), whereas in UK we only had 1 option for each trim Luxury, F-Sport and Premier.

Basically, it seems in UK we were simply not allowed to customise the cars at all - take it or leave it. The only thing we had better is that our brochures were very clear in terms of options one could not have:

(as you can see on p13 - ACC/PCS marked as "not available").

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