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How do you put a wheelchair in the boot ?

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I was wondering if anyone who regularly puts a wheelchair in the boot would share how they do it.  Will it fit okay with the back seats folded down?

I have to take my mum in a wheelchair for her jab. We have a standard folding wheelchair. 



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Hi Paul

I have to put my dad's wheelchair in the boot of my IS300h on occasions and it fits pretty easily without having to fold the rear seats down. 

The wheelchair folds into two, the handles fold back and the foot rests are removable. 



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3 hours ago, PaulWhitt20 said:

Thanks, sounds like my wheelchair. Do you put it in so the big wheels are by the boot opening ?

If its a normal sized wheelchair it doesnt matter a great deal luckily. I normally remove the foot rests, fold the backrest down and it all fits in nicely.

I have one customer who has a larger than normal chair and for that one I have to remove the wheels, but it still all fits really easily.

I find the disabled 'walkers' the biggest struggle, they only just fit in the boot left to right, and sometimes they need a bit of 'gentle persuasion' 😁

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