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N/S door mirror Folding fault

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Hi Guys. I am new here and late last year purchased a 55 reg SC430. During my short ownership its has developed a few problems. One of which is frustrating. It's the N/S door mirror, it folds inwards ok, but will not go back to the driving position like the Drivers mirror does. I have to manually move it outwards and when there it is fine.

All  the other adjustments like up/down work great, as does the in/out adjustments. Its just the folding part which is playing up 90% of the time ( it does work 10% of the time) 

Does anyone know if if this user fixable or is it beyond our skill level to correct? I am much obliged for any help or suggestions that could help me. Thanks

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Hi. I had a similar problem with my SC which had been unused for a while before I bought it last summer. A liberal dosing of WD 40 between mirror and its bracket did the trick. Good luck - and enjoy 

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