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hello everyone 🙂 First of all, I would like to thank you for joining the club 🙂 My name is Wolfgang and I come from Germany 🙂 Since 02/2020 I have owned the Lexus IS 300h Sport Line. The car is built in 03/2018 and I bought it with 21 thousand km.

I have a question right away 🙂 Is there a cold air intake system for the IS 300h? I already googled but found nothing suitable.

Sorry for the bad English 😉 is translated by googel

Greetings Wolfgang

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There is a little problem with 300h tuning - you most of aftermarket parts for Lexus comes from US. However, in US they have don't have 300h, meaning you generally not going to find much mods for it. 200t or 350 - yes, 300h - none. 

So your options are either get something for other Lexus IS mk3 and try to adapt it... or leave it stock. Which is probably a good idea as performance mods on IS300h are pointless. If there is any mods to be done, then mostly cosmetic. Besides things like good tyres for example could be quite beneficial.

Cold air intake not so much... it will certainly not going to add any power, even likely to lose some, so the only reason why would you do it is intake noise, but IS300h does not have naturally good intake noise... so why bother? 

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Ok and thanks for the quick answer 🙂 For me it's really only about the intake noise 🙂 but then I'll let go of the idea 🙂 I installed a K&N filter and thus a slightly better intake noise. I will then put in a few pictures of what I have changed on the Lexus so far 🙂 (Not surprisingly, I have no Fsport but just a few logos from the F on the car 🙂 Everyone as he likes. greeting

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