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I have recently when cold had a higher than normal idle and taking a while to get down to normal 650 rpm. But today having warmed up the car first to clear frost after a couple of miles driving the revs dropped low and when stopping at a junction dropped to 200rpm and then stalled it happened again at some traffic lights. I then parked up and did some shopping and when starting up again it was revving about 1200rpm but didn't drop back down for a few miles (the engine was at normal operating temp) also having what feels like an extra gear change between 40 and 50 mph although this has been happening for quite a while when cold. When I got home the revs settled back to about normal having travelled 4 miles from the shops. Brake pad warning light coming on recently when I brake although pads looked good a month ago having only done about 15,000 miles on them. When car dropped to very low revs brakes felt strange a couple of times almost like traction control kicking in only the car doesn't have it being an early '97. Temperature sensor came to mind and possible vacuum problem also. Any input would be gratefully received.

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As per Razor61 port, pretty certain this is ECU problem.  I had it on my Mk3, once it started happening the deterioration was quite rapid.  I never got around to sorting out ECU as gave car to a mate for parts to use on his.

There are a couple of places that will install new capacitors if you can get the ECU out, but this was very common problem with cerain capacitors of that era (not just in ECUs).

I thought I had some notes on where in UK you could get this done, but seem to have lost my notes on computer 

But this link may be useful How to check ECU

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Thanks Pete. I have ordered a coolant temperature sensor and I will take it from there. Has anyone got a set of the caps for the ECU? I was going to have the ECU done the year before last as I was near Devon (think this was one place to get it done) but I never got around to ordering the parts! Any other suggestions on where to get the ECU done will be gratefully received.

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4 hours ago, shanra said:

Is it still these 6 Capacitors to replace?

Qty. 2 of 10uF - 50v
Qty. 1 of 47uF - 63v
Qty. 2 of 100uF - 10v
Qty. 1 of 220uF - 16v

According to the post below that is correct but they need to be the correct make and type, there are a few different ECU's which are interchangeable for the MK3 10.1994 - 07.1997 and just one ECU for the MkIV  07.1997 - 08.2000. This is according to website:   Lexus parts catalog ( I presume your car is a MK3? If it is a MK3 then, being a 97 car, the ECU is probably part number 89661-50351 which is the latest version of ECU for Europe (also see the post below about ECU Combability)

I purchased the capacitors from DigiKey in the USA but there is a UK website as well:   DigiKey Electronics United Kingdom | Free Delivery On Orders Over £33

I have an earlier ECU revision for sale on here in the 'Buy and Sell' section along with 5 x sets of capacitors, ECU isn't any use to you but the caps are the same. PM me if interested.

Just one other point, if your ECU is a 89661-50351 then maybe find a second hand unit in decent condition, have the caps replaced then swop it out.

Info for capacitors with correct make and type.

All my crazy Lexus issues SOLVED!! (ECU-leaking capacitor) - ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion

ECU compatibility, this was applicable to the 1995 Mk3 I had.


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