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Last Job hopefully, how to fix the cig lighter on ls400

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Hi, I need to fix the front cig lighter and also a bulb on the heated seat switch, anyone know how to do this? How do i remove the wood stuff to get to the cig lighter? 

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I posted something under the How To heading about removing the centre console. Basically it just clips in. Carefully lever the wooden trim up at the rear first, although removal is easier if the gear selector is in drive or neutral.

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Hopefully it's the small black connector to the right of the gear selector in this picture:


Maybe it has been tucked behind something, which could explain why your cigarette lighter doesn't work!

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Yes I found it, plugged it in and all working. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. Just got to replace one small green bulb for the heated seat switch, I cant find the bulb anywhere 

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