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New ES300H Battery Type

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I have recently ordered a new ES 300h and am collecting on Monday.

I have been reading online and im looking forward to driving the car for the coming years. However, I am a bit confused regarding the Battery type used. The Lexus website the 2021 ES 300h uses a Lithium-Ion Battery, however the dealership is sure that the car I am receiving has a nickel-metal hydride Battery.

The question now is, is the Lexus website wrong, the Lexus dealership, or am I buying a 2020 model year car?

If the latter, is there any way I can check?

Thanks, Richard

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Check with Lexus UK by sending them an email.

I would expect each model year to start in September of the previous year, thus 21 will start in Sept` 20

The Certificate of Conformity for your vehicle will state the date of production, so ask for it if it is not provided to you.

If you have recently ordered and are collecting it immediately, then it might have been in UK for a while, perhaps in a Compound somewhere.

Perhaps a Mod might read this exchange and offer a comment ?

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What Lexus website are you referring to? I don't believe there is any reference on the European websites (including the UK) as to my knowledge all vehicles built for Europe are continuing to use NiMH batteries.

If you have the chassis number I can confirm.

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As far as I know, all the Lexus high voltage traction batteries here in the UK are NiMH.

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10 minutes ago, Herbie said:

As far as I know, all the Lexus high voltage traction batteries here in the UK are NiMH.

The LC500h and the LS500h in the UK use Lithium-Ion traction batteries. The ES worldwide was using a NiMH one but Japan started using Li-ion sometime last year and the MY21 models built in the US also now do, but it seems not the European ones which is a shame as the boot space is bigger and it does slightly improve mpg. I suspect all the red tape of getting the new model type approved for Europe wasn't worth it, and the price increase might has nudged it over tax thresholds.

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