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P0017 - recommendation on where to get a timing chain kit?

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Lexus GS450H just got the P0017 fault code. I am LED to believe this means a stretched timing chain. I am yet to check for the minor things like sensors.

A timing chain kit from Lexus is quite expensive (including tensioners and gaskets). 

Any recommendations on where I can get a cheaper, OEM quality timing chain kit?

Thank you

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Thank you for this. I have just recently discovered Rockauto. The prices seem to good to be true!

The problem I am having is that I do not know all of the part numbers. I need a full kit including the gaskets. 

Does anyone know the part numbers?


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I don't think it has one - not according to this parts catalogue:


and the repair manual for a 2012 GS450h (same engine) shows the use of a sealant rather than gasket at step 40:

http://zatonevkredit(blocked word)/repair_manuals/raw_content/AWIxsx8YU9h2CeTmchFc



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