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Anyone else get the check hybrid system red triangle flashing/VSC lights and find that their car works fine?

Only way to start the car is by clearing code every time - ie removing the negative strap from Battery to reset. 

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Usually a sign of the 12V Battery on its way out. Other than that, what actual fault codes are you getting from the OBD2?

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1 hour ago, Greisingel said:

New Halfords 450 CCA battery in. 

Yes will report back on codes. My laptop with techstream gone belly up. Will now have to reinstall on W10. Hear it is a more involved process on 64bit. 

Unfortunately yes, it is. It took me a couple of hours fiddling about and when I finally did get it working I'd done so many things that I couldn't remember which one finally got it going - but it is doable.

Alternatively, you could install VMWare or Oracle's Virtual Box and run either Win XP or Win 7 and put Techstream in that.

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