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For those of you with an MY20 RX F Sport or Takumi what do you think of the BladeScan headlights?  I personally think they are hopeless and the headlights in my previous ES Takumi with adaptive lights were better.  So hopeless in fact that I’ve turned off the adaptive bit and now just run them like a normal light - flick forward for high beams and back for dipped.  I get more light out of the headlights this way.  I think my two biggest criticisms are the lights are not very bright and they don’t travel very far up the road on high beam.  The may be ok if you live in a city but I’m in fairly rural North Yorkshire and many of the roads are fast, unlit roads were good lights are important.  However, the adaptive headlights on my wife’s Mazda CX-30 are epic and turn night to day.  

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I had the same with my 350.  The original main beam lights were worse than on the Yaris we had in Cyprus.  I replaced them with an HID conversion which turns night into day.  The " normal" setting on the dipped beams is also hopeless and not safe to drive at night in the country at over about 20mph.  I always lift them up a bit but the garage resets them at each MoT!  Ditto the reversing lights, also hopeless but much better with high power LEDs and removing the deflectors which block out most of the downwards light which you need when reversing.  I can't understand why Lexus hadn't worked all this out themselves.  Seems as if they haven't learned much about lighting in 2020.

I like the car though.

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