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I had every intention of purchasing a bigger ticket item for entry into the LS forum but instead, on impulse, acquired my third V8 GS however now that I have it, I’m really not sure what to do with it. I wouldn’t consider myself a Lexus novice but what lays beneath the bonnet remains a bit of a mystery to me despite a little research. So here‘s a picture of something you don’t see too often.


 I’ve read there are 12 or 13 left in the UK so I feel the weight of responsibility to treat it with at least a degree of respect but some minor upgrades are being considered. I have looked in some of the usual places to learn a little about it but if anyone has any useful insight I’m keen to understand things like why and how was it detuned and what general upgrades and improvements do owners make to a GS3 with 100k miles?


My first impressions are that it is in pretty good shape, understated, well specified, it’s certainly quick and powerful without any sense of drama which I really like. Nice to have a car with radar cruise again too.🙂  

Initial things on my list to investigate and consider.

There's some wind noise from around the sunroof area, I don’t recall it on a previous GS430.

Headlights seem a shade low on brightness and aim.

Restrictive exhaust 'log' manifolds and air intake, why is it so different to the LS460 set up? 🙃

Throttle lag and slight hesitancy/fussy selecting gears, particularly at slower speeds despite the changes being mostly silky smooth. Perhaps it simply needs a reset.

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