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I am thinking of replacing my rx450h with a newer model.

Can any one suggest/recommend which smart phone I should obtain to use with it?

Many thanks


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First of all, Android all day long. I hate apple products but that for another day.

Secondly, a while ago I was introduced to the Xiaomi range of phones and I can honestly say they are fantastic.

You can either go straight to their own website or keep your eyes on Hot UK Deals where some great deals pop up.

Xiaomi are never going to set the world alight and there are undoubtedly better phones out there, but these are phones with a budget price tag that are built to the quality of, and perform like, some of the best mid-range phones out there.

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I've had a Oneplus 3T and currently have a Oneplus 5, both of which are excellent and get great reviews (The latest model is the 7 Pro I think which my son swears by). It has similar functionality to the apple and Samsung top end phones but at a much lower price. Of particular benefit is that they all have dual sim card slots so you can separate personal and business sims on the one phone.

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