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Various issues


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So I’ve had my LS430 a week, I covered about 200 miles and my list of issues is getting quite long. I’m starting to think I’ve bought a bit of a pig! I’ve put a few of them below.. If anyone’s encountered these before please let me know.. 

1: The OSR door only locks when I press the lock button twice on the fob. Which I believe activates the dead lock? If I press it once every other door locks but the OSR makes a bit of a groan but doesn’t lock. Actuator?

2: The OS windows are slow and drag their feet when I open or close. The motor or the regulator? 

3: At full lock the steering grinds and judders.. steering UJ/knuckle? 

4: If I put the car in neutral or park when pulling up at traffic lights the revs go to around 1300 rpm.. whereas in drive if I just stop it’s like 700. Any reason for the high idle when in park? 

There’s more issues but I don’t want to write an essay for you 🙂 

Any suggestions or help appreciated. 

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Welcome Nicholas/Micholas (typo on your Forum name?)

1- I have the same with the rear left door. I bought a used replacement lock mechanism from eBay 3 years ago, but have not yet gotten around to fitting it.
2- Sounds like the right side windows might have a poor earth.  Could also be worn out regulators (what mileage has she done) or a dying 12v Battery.
3- No idea, but I'm sure someone will have an idea.
4- The computer maintains high idle in park/neutral until the engine has warmed up. If yours is still doing it once fully warmed up and with the air-con switched off, then there is probably a sensor died somewhere. Did you check for any error codes?

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Thanks George!

1: I was hoping it would it be the actuator as that's just plug in and bolt down.. lock mechanisms can be a ball ache ime. But then the fact it locks when pressed twice shows that something must be working.

2: Mileage is 120k. Seems a bit better this morning.. yesterday it was groaning and slow like the motor is on it's way out. 

4: Terrific as I forgot to add that it only happens when cold! So at least that's one thing ticked off 😊

Cheers pal.  


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You can take the actuator apart and replace the worn out £5 electric motor if you enjoy that kind of thing.
When I get around to swapping mine out, I may do just that and keep it as a spare although the assembly is door specific.

Probably worth having a load check done on the Battery anyway, as when they get bad, these cars can throw some weird problems at ya.
Considering how very complex they are, the reliability is really awesome.

Some things like Windows, mirror adjusters, steering column adjusters and the sunroof can suffer if they are not used very often.
My mirror adjustment buttons often require several stabs before they start working.

120K is fairly low mileage for a 20 year old car (6k per year). Mine is 17 years old and has 128k miles.


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