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SmartTap flasher relay install for comfort flash

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Maybe someone on here already did this mod, but I couldn't find it on the forum so I just wanted to share.

My previous car had a comfort flasher. I knew the 2011 CT doesn't have this and I thought it wasn't something I would miss. After a few months of driving it actually was something that I missed in this car, maybe because I got used to it in my previous car. Luckily there is an aftermarket flash relay which has this feature and works with the CT so I ordered the SmartTap from diodedynamics. 

On the CT200forum  I already read that the relay is very hard to reach and remove, but I will only know if I tried, right? 
The location of the flasher relay is indeed really hard to get to. The only way to reach it is from underneath the left panel. I have a LHD and for a RHD it will be the right panel. So for a RHD everything I did should be mirrored if that makes sense... 🙂

took the panel off just to see if I could see it from there but it is hidden way back there so couldn't see the relay. See pic.
I put the panel back in place because it doesn't have to be taken off to remove the relay.

So with my hazards on to feel and hear the relay clicking, I laid on my back with my head under the breakpedal looking up and I reached up with my hand to feel the position of the relay. Just feel where the cable to the relay goes in so you know you have to slide the relay off/out to the opposite side of the cable.
I my car I had to slide it towards the center of the car, away from the driverside door. I read that some CT's have a different position of the relay sitting in the bracket and have to slide it to the back of the car. Just feel the position of the cables and you know where it slides off to.

I was prepared for it to be very hard to slide off, but once I knew which way it had to slide I just applied some force with my fingers and it came off in the first try!! 

Replaced the original one with the SmartTap and didn't bother to put in back in the bracket but just ziptied the cable and relay to some metal part underneath the panel, Done! All in all it took me about 30 minutes and that is only because I took the panel off first to look for the relay.

Ok, so what do I have now?
- Comfort flash; tap the stalk and the blinker will flash 4 times (programmable up to 9 times)

- Hazard lights can be set to normal, slo-mo, strobe or wig-wag(left, right, left, right etc).... Fun feature, but mine is set to normal 🙂 

- Arrival and departure lights. Now this is a feature I really like because the early model CT's don't have this option.
When I unlock the car, my flashers stay lit for 10 seconds. Same thing when you lock the car. You can set the time you want it to stay lit in 10 second steps from 10 to 30 seconds. It just gives you that extra light when you 're parked in a dark spot. Kind of "follow me home/find my car" thing. Very practical.

Programming is easily done with the stalk inside the car so no need to dive down to the relay again. 🙂

Simple mod, but I think it's worth it!






Relay top view.jpg


Relay bottom view.jpg

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