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B & M Quick Shift


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Prior to having my quickshift fitted my gearbox was whisper quiet.

Now in 6th @ motorway speeds its quite loud (tilt open s/roof and its ok) and I can't rest my hand on the knob w/out my wedding ring really vibrating (silent on overrun)

Is that your experience ?

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Good description of the vibration ......

There is no play at all in the lever, so I presume the vibration is not "damped" as with the standard lever. Noise is an issue too but all these issues pale into insignificance when trying to engage reverse !!!!! Still love it though .....


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Can't remember its been so long since I've driven :crybaby:

What I did though (Don't laugh) was get that filler stuff for walls, jack my car up on the ramp, and squirt a TINY bit of that in gap, wait for it to dry slightly, then change through all the gears til its dry! worked a treat!!


I did have a bit of noise which I found out was that clip ring thing, which was touching the plate that sits on top, taped that up, and that was ok.... I love it though!

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He should be able to sort it out, I've had one before, so picked up a few work around tips.

Got to admit, it does make the car feel a whole lot different, I was a bit unsure when first installed (as I had to reverse!). but after about an hour I was racing "with in the speed limit" :winky: up and down roads.

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Got mine in the post on Thusday at 1pm. Had it fitted and working by 1.20pm.

I found that with mine, it's a much more precise shift, but you have to be a bit heavy handed with it, just like driving a race car....

I was a little unsure of it at first, but now I've got used to it, it makes the car much more fun to drive.

I too have a slight noise issue with it. I think it just needs some extra sound deadening around the shifter... !

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