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I have a 2010 GS 450h with some 37,506 miles on the clock.

During this period of lockdown I haven’t driven it much but on a weekly basis I sit in the car and start it up only turning it off after the engine has stopped warming up.

I've noticed lately that it is taking a lot longer even though the temperature gauge is half way between hot and cold.

I’n not running radio, heaters etc.

Could this be due to Battery condition? Hybrid or the twelve volt Battery?

Thanks for anything feed back.



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I sit in mine too for 45 minutes. The car switches itself on and off several times and after 45 mins I switch off and leave the car until next time.

Whilst I am in the car I pay no attention to the temperature gauge, but often will watch the Hybrid Battery being charged and discharged.

Mine has 62,000 miles on the clock.

Trust in the technology and have the car serviced by Lexus in accordance with the manufacturer`s schedule Fenn.

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Thanks for your feedback.

I’m still sitting in the car here....

The energy monitor was not showing any charging but as I typed this is started on the Battery from the engine. Some five light blue bars.

I do have it maintained via my local Lexus dealer and also have an extended warranty so I hope that won’t be used!




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11 minutes ago, Aussiestayover said:

Ahh finally shut down after the engine as constantly been running...

If you are pleased, then so am I fenn.

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1 minute ago, NemesisUK said:

Hopefully all this idling has been done whilst in Park and not Neutral?

Come on Peter--of course he`s read the Handbook !! 😜😜

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May also be several other factors for this like it been colder out than normal so having to run longer to heat the oil up to temp,
the 12V Battery been a bit below charge or just been a bit funky cos its cold. 

It doesn't sound like anything that unusual to be honest.

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Thanks Steven. 

I guess I’ll know if there is an issue developing when I go to start/warm the car up in another weeks time. The engine running constantly for around an hour was worrying when it normally turned off and on.

It’s a shame the car isn’t being used but there is no where to drive with tier 4 restrictions. 

I can’t even take it for a jet wash as they are all closed nearby because of Covid.

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On 1/25/2021 at 11:21 AM, Aussiestayover said:

Yes in Park. Normally the engine could turn of and on but today it just ran constantly.

The engine will continue to run until the computer tells it to stop. That point will not occur until such time as the Hybrid Battery contains sufficient power to propel the car forward (were it running).

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