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2005 LS430 rear subframe corrosion

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Car failed it's MOT today due to corrosion of the rear subframe. Has anyone else experienced this and what is the likely damage.

My garage uses an independent tester and they were going to put the car up on their ramps when they got it back and see what needed doing and get back to me, it will be tomorrow now.

Last year it was just an advisory and the car hasn't been used at all since lockdown last March so I can't imagine much could have happened in the last year.

I think what I am really worried about is that the whole subframe has been condemned and will have to be replaced, best outcome will be it can be repaired in situ.



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Fear not said he for mighty dread had seized their tiny minds.....

you have just inherited a Lockdown project!!!

I was under my 2005 ls430 today and I was also surprised at rust due to these wet days condensing on the underside.

if you are handy get it on a jack with stands and blocks and only when it cannot fall on your head crawl underneath and have a look.

take a wire brush and scrub away the road salt induced surface rust.

are there holes ?

Are they suspension components?

Get them repaired with new parts from a breaker or welded.

go to Halfords and purchase black waxoyl spray cans

or clear if you want,spray all rusty areas.It will look like a new thing.

its not rocket science ,but also there is no magic wand, so if you like the car 

return some love and refurbish it.

Remember garages need to find work somehow...........






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Any chance of getting some pictures when it goes on the lift Scott?

Rust is very subjective and obviously comes under the testers scrutiny, what did the fail remark actually say, was it close to suspension components, is it structural for example holed or just surface rust?

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I had the car on wheel ramps in the late autumn and I scraped all the rust off the subframe and painted the inner sills (another advisory) where they aren't protected under plastic trims. Unfortunately I started too late in the year and it got dark and wet and cold(working outside). The subframe was quite rusty and a lot of loose rust came away but I didn't spot any holes in it, I fear that it has been deemed compromised by the loss of metal to rust.

 I have waxoyl and underseal to go on it (if it can be saved) when the weather improves. 


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They do come up on eBay. There is one for sale at the moment, link below, but it's from Lithuania. Checking on epcdata the subframe is the same for the model years 2000 - 2003 and face lift 2003 - 2006, LH and RH drive.

Part number is 51206-50040 for the rear subframe and it looks like it's still available from Amayama. £713.87 + £203.46 delivery + import duty etc of approx £150 + admin charge from Parcel Force of around £25 iirc. So for a new one it would be around £1100, if my math is correct🙂Plus the cost of new subframe and diff bushes and rubber stoppers (approx £400 from Amayama) as you wouldn't really want to use the bushes from your old subframe. So all told it would be approx £1500 for all the new the bits I think.

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On 1/26/2021 at 1:43 PM, Cotswold Pete said:

Maybe get yourself down to Osaka in Newport, Lexus specialists and not too far away from where you are (probably)

Seconded. There are at least three Gloucestershire Lexus owners make the trek down to Newport because of their expertise.

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Not cheap, but how much do you value the car?

I bought a steering columb moter from this seller last year, they were fine.

Don't forget to find out how much it will be to fit, defore you shell out.

John N

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A friend had a Toyota Corolla that disintegrated from rust after just 5 years and 45k miles. He lives on Mersey Island in Essex and commutes to Colchester.
To get on/off the island you have to drive over the causeway (The Strood) and even if you are not axle deep in salt water, the road is wet with it for a substantial part of the day so the salty spray and grit blasts the underside of your car.

I asked him what he was gonna get next after the Corolla and he said a cheap piece of crap as it's cheaper to replace an old car after one year than a new car after 5, and nobody does better rust protection than Toyota. Since then he buys old junkers, runs them into the ground, and then gets another one. He does have one nice car (2009 XJ) but that gets cleaned religiously whenever he gets home as it's mostly aluminium and the salt will ruin it in short order.

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