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My 430 seems to b able to look after itself when a fault arises - at least has done twice recently

1) not long ago it developed a symptom where the first turn of the key was a click - this pointed towards worn starter contacts - luckily whilst I was looking into finding a garage to repair, the fault went away - it now starts perfectly even in the recent minus temperatures we had.

2) last week the CD player stopped working - first it came up with CD error - then when selecting CD it would bypass it altogether  - this morning I disconnected the Battery and fault seems to have gone away and CD player has now started working.

Obviously the ECU reset itself and now the car runs even smoother.

Happy days

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Sounds like a dying Battery to me.

Since last years MOT my LS has done a mere 4500 miles. 3000 of those were in Jan/Feb so only 1500 since then.
Towards the end of Lockdown1 (car used maybe 3 times per week for short, under 10 miles, runs) I started having some weird electrical glitches that would go away after stopping and restarting the engine. At the time I thought it was the return of the problems I had with my S-Class.
About a week later she really struggled to start but did it (just) so it finally clicked that she needed connecting to a charger.

I wired a 10A fused line (+ve and -ve) from the Battery to a connector behind the grille (cable-tied to the centre support) and ran a wire from a Battery maintainer in the garage to where I park the car with the matching connector on the end.
Now, when it's parked it lives plugged into the maintainer and I have not had a single glitch since.

The only negative is when I do use the car I have to lift the bonnet, unplug the connector, and close the bonnet.
The wire is red/black with bright yellow heat-shrink bits on it so very visible.
Even so, given my advanced age (57🤣) if I forget and reverse out there is a weak link in the wire that will disconnect without damaging anything or shorting out.

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