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For sale: DAS PRO 6 Dual action polisher

Item Condition:  Used but the polisher is as new as it was only used for 10 minutes

Price and price conditions:  £110.00 plus whatever courier costs are involved. Potential buyers choice.

Extra Info:  I purchased this equipment thinking that I was going to get into some serious detailing but, after only a few minutes I realised that it wasn't for me.  The equipment really is as good as new  with most of the items not having been taken out of their wrapping.

Included in the sale is :-

DAS PRO 6 Dual Action Polisher with 'D' Handle - Spanner plus fixing screws and Allen key - (plus spare motor brushes)

Canvas Carry Case

6" backing Plate

 5" Backing Plate

Sonus SFX- 1 RESTORE    6" Scratch Remover Foam Pad (Used very briefly when I first used the polisher)

Sonus SFX - 2 ENHANCE     6" Swirl Remover Foam Pad

Sonus SFX - 3 FINAL FINISH     6" High Gloss Foam Pad

Sonus SFX - 4 SEAL + Protect   6" Final Gloss Sealing Pad

Also included without charge :-

Menzerma FG400 250ml (This has been opened as it is the one item that I used when using the polisher)

Menzerma PF 2300 250ml

Menzerma SF 4000 250ml

Menzerma SF 4500 250ml

Please ask if you need additional information



Contact Details:90361647_DASPRO6.thumb.jpg.4b94225d08d6554e087569282a251744.jpg

Location:  Exmouth   Devon

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Courier - Buyer can choose if required.

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43 minutes ago, Linas.P said:

Nice kit for somebody planning to get into detailing... sad you find it not for you. Admittedly, it is not easy, but really gives sense of achievement when you complete the work.

Hello Linas, yes it is a nice bit of gear.  I think that I was a little over ambitious when I purchased it, there's a bit more to this detailing lark than I expected.

I like my car to look good but at 80, I think that I will leave that sort of thing to the youngsters.

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Yes indeed it is physically taxing, after few hours of doing it I have same mind in my head... and I am 30... 😁

Although, I am not trying to convince to reconsider, but I find 2-3 inch DA being much more pleasant to work with. Slower, but much more pleasant and with sharp angles on our cars it is kind of inevitable to use smaller pads, even 1 inch. 5-6 inch pads are rather difficult to use, unless you have large flat panel (like bonnet). Secondly, it really depends on your set-up, if you have enough space around the car, comfortable seat or in perfect situation a lift, then it makes so much easier to do detailing

I reckon your message advising it is sold is enough 

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2 hours ago, Linas.P said:

Yes indeed it is physically taxing, after few hours of doing it I have same mind in my head... and I am 30... 😁


After doing my Lexus 1st time (I bought last year myself a DAS 5 as well), my shoulders were in pain for a few days and I am not even 40! 🙂

But the sense of achievement when you complete the work is amazing, I couldn't believe the results! Still need to go over the paintwork again once the weather is more stable!

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2 hours ago, westo3 said:

Agree Linas especially the later GS models with all the angles 2 to 3 inch pads are ideal. 

I did my RC and I hardly pulled out 5 inch. Little bit on the door, bonnet... boot I guess. But all would be doable with 3 inch. Bumpers and various style lines are best done with 1-inch.

In short what I am saying, if I would have had only 5 inch, doing RC would be very difficult - probably would have to finish much by hand. 

In comparison older IS is doable with 5 inch.

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