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Just wanted to share my findings: I was looking for new 12V Battery for my GS450h (2008), and these will fit directly the battery tray in the trunk:

  • Varta Blue Dynamic E23 570412063 70Ah 630A size (in mm): 261x175x220 
  • BOSCH S4 026 70Ah 630A, size (in mm): 261x175x220 
  • Yuasa YBX3030 12V 72Ah 630A SMF Battery, size (in mm): 260x174x225

The original Battery is Lexus 28800-31281 Panasonic S65D26L 57Ah 450A, size (in mm): 260x173x202.

I ended up buying the Yuasa YBX3030. Installation was really easy: the only thing you need to do is to remove the temperature sensor from OEM Battery and glue/tape it on top of the new Battery.

Picture of the temperature sensor on OEM battery:



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Also some info here: 

The 4GS Battery tray will NOT accept the ~220mm wide batteries that the 3GS will, as I tried the S4 026 and absolutely no way it would go, but the Battery I mention in my post should also fit 3GS, just as another alternative. 


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On a Lexus FB page someone is suggesting that the 12 v Battery needs recoding to the car and this needs to be done by the Lexus dealer.Is this the case?  It seems a bit over-complicated to me.  Also a flat Battery on the isleof Wight requiring a ferry trip to the mainland??? Not very practical!


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