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I used to be able to connect to the internet via the infotainment system connecting automatically with my Iphone having previously entered a password for my mobile hotspot. I now find that in order to connect to the wifi hotspot of my Iphone I have to re-enter the password each time- the system no longer remembers /retains the password. However my Lexus will automatically connect to my home wifi without issue as it remembers the password for this. Very strange? Can anyone advise if they experience similar or can offer a solution please.

NX300h 2019 running up to date software & Iphone 11 which is also up to date. 
Many thanks


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I believe there is a setting to remember the password or not although from your description it appears to be a per-device setting rather then a generic one which is what I thought it was. Go through the settings and check that.

Otherwise I could only suggest removing the phone and re-add.

Personally I use Bluetooth connectivity rather than wifi for Internet access, I've always found it more reliable.

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Doesn’t work, tried removing and reinstalling Iphone, it’s something in the Iphone iOS update that buggered it up, about 3 versions ago, not the car software, password needed every time.

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