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My Mk3 GS430 Daily Driver Build

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Hi All,

It’s been a while since I bought my GS (Oct 19!!!) and I’ve been a top lurker since then 😌, but my intention was always to tweak it a bit, when I finally got ‘round to it, as I’ve been unable to not tinker with any car I’ve bought, ever! This one was going to be no different and this build thread is the result.

So, to the car, a 2006 Mark 3 GS430, with a Black exterior and Grey/Black interior. I spent a long time looking for exactly that colour combination and still love it!  Pics below…





As I do a high (ish) mileage, there was no way I could afford a V8 running on normal Petrol, and I never planned to, as it was always on the cards to LPG convert it. This was completed straight after purchase and I now have it running fine, although I had to sort out a few issues first (not with the LPG per se – it’s just very sensitive to existing issues in the car).

Over the last year, not helped by COVID-19, I’ve worked through the little issues, which I wanted to get done before posting on here, which including giving it a much needed clean first off:

Interior Leather:






… although cleaning the exterior just highlighted that the paintwork needs a full detail, which I’ll get cracked when the weather gets better in Summer, hopefully:

Swirled Paintwork:


However, before I could get stuck into the proper mechanical stuff, there was a slight mechanical hiccup in Aug last year that put things on hold, which I’ll expand on soon (I’m still editing the video on that one), teaser here:




So, I’ll stick up a link up to the video when ready. It’ll be in three parts – which gives an idea how much of an epic it all was (!), but hopefully all will become clear! 

Now that the car’s back on the road after five months, I’m going to be working through all the little things that I hadn’t had time to do before, so will be sticking all the updates in here. I’ve already managed to get a few little jobs done, starting with refurbing a set of these:



The plan (Small ‘p’). 

As there’s not a massive amount of performance upgrades for the Mk3 GS (please don’t mention superchargers… 🤐) my focus was going to be getting it cosmetically spot on and making a lot of improvements to the ride and handling, without compromising comfort (one of the key attractions of the car to me). This will be focused on Suspension (coil-overs, sub-frame, bushes, anti-roll bars) and Chassis (bracing front and rear) plus whatever else may come along.

As I’ve alluded to, my intention is to document the work through a small (capital ‘s’) You Tube channel I have, which I’ve been doing as an interest thing for just over half a year. Still very much learning as I go, but I’ve found it really fun to do and a bit of a challenge to try and get things that look and sound decent. Very much not there yet, but practice makes…  so criticism will be more than welcome!

More to follow soon! 😊

ETA: A flipping link to the Channel wouldn't have gone amiss I suppose!! -  Enjoy, hopefully!!


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Photos Work now and link to channel - Yay!!
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Well, as promised, see below a link to my first video on the (about to be) four-month epic that my initial plan to replace valve cover gaskets and spark plug seals turned into... 


It's still processing but should be live soon, so I hope you enjoy it (let me know if not :smile: ) As said, this is just a hobby and done because I enjoy it, not because I'm good at it!

Parts two and three will be dropped on successive Fridays, as I finish sorting them out.


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What a brilliant video, and what a brave man you are, I think I may have driven it over the quayside by now!  Looking forward to the next one.

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36 minutes ago, The-Acre said:

What a brilliant video, and what a brave man you are, I think I may have driven it over the quayside by now!  Looking forward to the next one.

Thanks! 😀

Trust me, after 4 months of it (you’ll see why!)  I came close to a Basil Fawltey moment many times!😉

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Episode 2 of the GS430 saga has just dropped and, just like and middle segment of a trilogy, this is where things suddenly go wrong...  🙂

As a hint, you should not see daylight through there...


Video here, Enjoy! (I didn't... 😞 ):


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Well the last installment of the my engine troubles has been completed! Luckily it's now working (albeit there's still a few little jobs to do, which will be covered in subsequent videos). Unfortunately, there's not too much footage of the actual removal and strip-down of the heads, as I was a little bit annoyed at that point and filming wasn't on my mind!

However, if anyone ever has to contemplate doing this themselves, or wants to pick my brains, then please feel free to drop me a message, as there's a lot of little Gotchas that aren't even in the Workshop Manual! If I had to do it again, I'd be fairly sanguine about it, but doing it for the first time was definitely 'interesting'.

Hope you enjoy, video is here:


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